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Serving Raleigh and surrounding areas since 1997


We offer our customers weekly – bi-weekly – monthly – one time or ‘as needed’ schedules. If you become a regular customer we will discuss with you a mutually convenient day for us to clean. This day will then become your regular cleaning day. We usually give our customers an approximate time when we will be arriving at their house or if the customer is going to be at work then we make sure we are finished before they return. We try our best to be at each house within a certain window of time, but if there is a last minute change in schedule or the team gets held up in traffic we will contact the customer immediately and inform them of the delay and, if necessary, reschedule.

Initial Deep Cleans:

The first time we clean a house or apartment we always go in and do a thorough top to bottom clean (with the exception of windows and inside refrigerator and oven) to get it up to a standard by which it can be easily maintained on subsequent visits. Even if you have been using a cleaning service we will still do a deep clean as, in our experience, other cleaners are not as thorough as we are, which is probably why you are looking for a new service! We charge by the hour and per person for this first clean, but after that your regular clean will be the set price as agreed upon after your estimate has been completed. We also charge hourly for one time cleans. We like to get your house sparkling so we will do whatever it takes.

Move-in/move-out cleans:

We will clean the house you have moved out of or the one you are about to move in to. We will clean everything, top to bottom, including the fridge, oven and inside all cabinets. When we are finished it will look almost ‘good as new’.

The following is a list of areas cleaned during regular visits:


*Guest bathrooms will get a quick touch-up at each visit. However, if they have been used and need additional cleaning please inform us ahead of time as an additional charge will apply.

Bedrooms/Living Room/Dinning Room/Study:

Kitchen/Laundry Room:

The following is a list of areas not cleaned every time if you have weekly or bi-weekly service, but on a rotational schedule so that everything gets done at least once a month:

Additional Services:

We are happy to personalize our service to meet the individual needs of our customers. Following is a list of services that are available upon requestor they can be included in your regular clean if you have discussed this during your estimate. If you would like to add a service at any time, please call and discuss this with us before your next scheduled clean. Please do not ask the cleaning team to do any extra work without having discussed it with us first. The teams have a schedule and extra work can cause them to get behind.

The following is a list of items our service DOES NOT include: